Brett Mitchell Solo



Michigan Singer/Songwriter Brett Mitchell is a Northern Michigan favorite. Brett, born (too late) and raised in Midland, picked up the sticks in his early teens & fell in love. Drumming professionally and touring by age 17 in a variety of bands, he began songwriting. To assist his writing, he taught himself guitar and by 2005 had recorded his debut album called {Stereo}, playing virtually all the instruments. In 2007, Brett released his 2nd project, Small House, which includes the award winning song, Born Too Late. His heartfelt & sincere songwriting and his appealing vocals are the draw and the live show fluctuates between soothing and poignant and rousing and memory invoking. Brett’s 3rd album, Falling Apart At The Seams released 1-1-11 to rave reviews and he’s currently working on his 4th project.

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