The Workshop Brewing Company exists to preserve Northern Michigan’s spectacular natural environment, to reinforce glyphTraverse City’s warm and vital community, and to honor traditional craft. We do not consider our business to be a success unless we are demonstrably and sustainably doing all three. We express this commitment by using the Trifidelity symbol, which stands for our motto: Nature. Community. Craft.


The address at the top right corner of this page is a link. If you click it, you will find a map that should help you find us. But if you prefer old-fashioned directions, here are some:

The Workshop Brewing Company is located at 221 Garland Street- in the building that used to house Right Brain Brewery and right next door to the Inside Out Gallery. We are one block inland from Traverse City’s waterfront Open Space (between Front Street and Lake Michigan), and we are one block west of Union Street (between Union Street and Hall Street).


We have plentiful parking! And in the evening, it’s free! There’s one lot adjacent to our building to the south (this lot is metered during the day and free after 6pm), and another one 25 yards to the east (this one is permit-only during the day but free after 4pm).


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Upcoming Events

  • Joshua Davis & Joe Wilson

    Oct 2014
    - 8pm -

    Don’t miss Thursday: Josh Davis and Joe Wilson live at The Workshop!

    Joshua Davis was raised in the folk tradition: the music, the social movements, the land. He writes songs that blend the roots of American music with gritty rock n’ roll and vintage soul. Performing Songwriter Magazine called the result, “Some of the liveliest and most rocking roots music around. Davis has just released “A Miracle of Birds”, an album inspired by his experience in the Holy Land. Half of the proceeds will go to On The Ground = olive trees and educational scholarships for the farmers and families he encountered during his travels. The songs are deeply personal and deal with his struggle between his Jewish identity and the oppression and confusion he found in the Middle East.

    Guitarist, steel guitarist and singer Joe Wilson is best known for playing with longtime Michigan favorites, Steppin In It. With Steppin’ In It, Joe has played many of the nation’s top concerts and festivals, including the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Wheatland, Blissfest, Old Settlers Festival, the Woody Guthrie Festival, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, and Live at Mountain Stage. Joe has been performing with Steppin’ In It for over 10 years. Joe has been fortunate enough to appear on stage with Wayne Hancock, Bill Kirchen, Greg Brown, Tim O’brien and many others. Joe also performs with Shout Sister Shout and Traverse City’s Sister Wilene.

  • Chris Bathgate

    Oct 2014
    - 8pm -

    “I write songs. Some are simple, some are not. Some are nostalgic, some come from dark places. Some are written from your perspective, some from mine. Some switch back and forth. Some I play a lot, some never. Some were written in stairwells of parking garages, some were written at a friend’s parents cabin. Some were recorded in (your) bedroom, some in my basement. Some took a long long time to finish, some I knew before I wrote them. Some I have forgotten, some I haven’t learned yet. Some make me shiver when i hear them, some i cannot sing. Some are allegorical. Some of them are earlier versions of a different song but sound nothing alike. Some are so encoded so that you cannot figure out it is about you. Some are so obvious that you can’t figure out it is about you. Some are about love as an idea, some are about love as an action. Some are musically modeled after the progression of a relationship between two people, some were written in a very small room in Maine.” – Chris Bathgate

  • Monday Night Trivia!

    Oct 2014
    - 7pm -

    Is your knowledge of pop culture minutiae encyclopedic? Do your friends call you pedantic? Is the devil in the details? Do you want to earn the approbation of your peers, the envy of your rivals, important awards, and fabulous prizes? If so, then be there or be the hypotenuse of the square. 

    Some trivial details: teams can be from one to six people. Prizes include Workshop Gift Cards, Oktoberfest mugs, awkward hugs, etc. Our trivia is a curated, community-based event, with tons of great questions (more than most any other trivia around). There are even rumors of a buzz-in speed-round finale!

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