Please place all drink orders at the bar.


Tenpenny: Blonde Ale

Thirst-quenching, highly drinkable, and light-bodied. Malt-forward and gently bittered with MI Local magnum and crystal hops. A great intro to craft beer. 4.9% ABV

Paring Chisel: Hefeweizen

A traditional German wheat beer. A silky mouthfeel is complimented by a specialty yeast that produces notes of banana and spice. 5.0% ABV

Shop Light: Light Lager

Easy-drinking, sessionable brew. This deceivingly full-of-flavor light beer is one that you’ll want at the beach, on the boat, mowing the lawn, or whenever you’re feeling parched. 4.1% ABV

Ball Peen: ESB English Amber

Bronze-hued ale with earthy appeal: medium body, full malt flavor, and enough MI Local magnum and willamette hops to balance. A staff fave. 5.3% ABV

Deadblow: Rye IPA

Michigan grown and malted rye lends an earthy spiciness to this classic IPA. A firm bitterness is rewarded with a one-two punch of tropical fruit and piney flavors provided by Michigan bread and grown MI Copper and Mackinac hops. 6.2% ABV

20lb Sledge: American IPA

Abundant doses of Amarillo, Citra, and MI Local hops yield pronounced bitterness and powerful citric aromas. 7.1% ABV

Pry Bar: Porter (nitro)

Rich and dark with overtones of baker’s chocolate. Modest gravity and hopping make it approachable-nitro draft makes it smooth. 5.1% ABV

Slater’s Hammer: Cold IPA

An American lager hopped like a juicy IPA. A simple, clean malt bill and lager fermentation give plenty of space for the New Zealand Dr. Rudi hops to shine. Bountiful notes of lemongrass, spice, and lime zest shine in a beer that drinks so easy you’ll be back for more. 5.4% ABV


Sickle: Saison (10 Year Anniversary Release)

A blast from the past rejuvenated to celebrate our tenth anniversary! Brewed entirely with Great Lakes Malting grain and MI Local hops this beer exemplifies Northern Michigan’s local terroir. A peppery yeast character is complemented by the use of triticale and spelt malts while a dose of silky oats and fruity undertones round out this dry, crisp saison. 5.6% ABV

Stoker: Lemon Juniper Sour

Lightly soured like fresh squeezed lemonade with a dose of juniper berries to lend a herbal complexity. 5.0% ABV


Tap & Die: Oktoberfest

Malty, easy drinking, and so good you’ll want another. Malty notes of bread crust, honey, and toast take center stage in front of spicy and subtle Tettnager hops that provide a crisp finish that will make you want a refill. A beer meant for celebration. 4.4% ABV


Switchblade #24: American Pale Ale

Hefty doses of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Columbus hops lend this beer a resinous hop aroma some might describe as dank. Balanced by a complex malt profile which lets the hops shine but adds to the experience. 5.3% ABV


Switchblade #42: Kentucky Common

One of the only true American beer styles. A copper colored beer featuring malted corn from Great Lakes Malting. This lends a perceptibly sweet corn flavor (without being cloying) and a toasty maltiness. A high carbonation rate and clean fermentation makes this beer drink easy. 4.7% ABV

Switchblade #43: Zappa Red Ale

A contemporary riff on a classic European style. Highly sessionable, medium bodied ale deep amber in color. Crisp notes of toasted barley dominate while Zappa hops lend a subtle fruity and spicy finish that leaves you wanting more. 3.6% ABV





Dry, crisp


Sweet, cinnamon


Miterbox: White Blend

Semi-sweet white


Riveter: Red Blend

Semi-dry red


Studfinder: Sparkling Rose

Semi-dry sparkling rose


Northwoods Soda:

Cola, Diet Cola, Wild Bill’s Root Beer, Black Cherry Cream, Orange Cream, Iced Tea, Wild Ginger Beer – Spicy, Lemonade


Draft: Namaste Nectar

Bottle: Assorted (Check the cooler!


Hoplark Citra Hop Tea:

Carbonated white tea brewed with Citra hops. A great alternative to an N.A. beer!

Lamie Wellness Hot Tea:

Check with our beertenders for our current selection.


Ask your beertender about taking our brews home with you!

Crowler: 32oz can filled with your choice of beer, cider, or wine.

Howler: 32oz of your choice of beer or cider.

Growler Fill: 64oz of your choice of beer or cider.


Please place food orders at the Pizza Parliament window located inside The Workshop Brewing Co’s taproom.

Pizza Parliament

We have partnered with Pizza Parliament at our Traverse City locationSee their menu here.

We do NOT serve food at Kingsley Local Brewing, however we WELCOME OUTSIDE FOOD, from anywhere, whether it’s from home, Subway, or Papano’s across the street!



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