Please place ALL orders at the bar.

JOURNEYMAN (available year-round) $6/16oz

Tenpenny: Blonde Ale

Thirst-quenching, highly drinkable, and
light-bodied. Malt-forward and gently
bittered with MI Local magnum and crystal
hops. A great intro to craft beer. ABV4.9%

Cold Chisel: Biere Blanche

Aromatic and refreshing Belgian-style
“white beer.” Brewed with a hint of
orange peel, coriander, and Great Lakes
Malting wheat. ABV 6.0%

Shop Light: “Light Beer”

Easy-drinking, sessionable brew. This deceivingly full-of-flavor light beer is one that you’ll want at the beach, on the boat, mowing the lawn, or whenever you’re feeling parched. ABV3.8%

Ball Peen: ESB

Bronze-hued ale with earthy appeal:
medium body, full malt flavor, and enough
MI Local magnum and willamette hops to
balance. A staff fave. ABV 5.3%

10-pound Sledge: English IPA

English yeast and plentiful hops (MI Local
magnum, centennial, and willamette). This
is old-school IPA. ABV 5.5%

20-Pound Sledge: American IPA

Abundant doses of Amarillo, Citra, and MI
Local hops yield pronounced bitterness
and powerful citric aromas. ABV 7.1%

Pry Bar: Porter (nitro)

Rich and dark with overtones of baker’s
chocolate. Modest gravity and hopping
make it approachable-nitro draft makes
it smooth. ABV 5.1%


Seasonal favorites as well as our brewer’s ever-changing personal tap.

Bastard Rasp: Raspberry Wit

Classic wit biere brewed with copious amounts of local raspberries. More dry than sweet. ABV 6.0% $8/16oz

Hop Vac: Wet/Dry Harvest Brut Pale

A light bodied, effervescent beer with a straw-colored complexion. Fresh Centennial hops from MI Local give it a grassy aroma. ABV 6.3% $7/16oz

Stoker: Blackberry Kettle Sour

Tart yet balanced. Brewed with Barley, corn, and locally malted wheat. ABV4.8% $7/16oz

Lever Press: Juicy IPA

Brewed with Barley, Oats, Wheat and Pacific NW grown El Dorado and Mosaic Hops. Pillowy mouthfeel from Oats and Wheat balance a medium bitterness. Subtle spicy flavors from local Chinook hops converge with Mosaic in a prominent citrusy pine aroma, which hints towards more exotic tropical aromas from the El Dorado. ABV5.6% $7/16oz

Switchblade #23: KÖLSCH

A slightly sweet aroma opens up the subtle spicy and herbal aromatics from noble Saaz hops. Delicate malt presence balances out a medium-low bitterness, finishing crisp and dry. ABV4.9% $6.50/16oz

Switchblade #24: American Pale Ale

Copper complexion with a white lacing head. Subtle aromas of grapefruit from simcoe and local cascade hops, make way for a balanced medium sweetness and body. Finishes with an adequate west coast style bitterness. ABV5.6% $6.50/16oz

Claw Hammer: Mango Hard Seltzer

Refreshing, mango-y. ABV 4% $6/16oz

CIDERS $7/16oz


Dry, crisp


Sweet, cinnamon

WINES $8/6oz

Miterbox: White Blend



Riveter: Red Blend



Studfinder: Sparkling Rose




Lemonade and Tenpenny Blonde Ale $7/16oz


We always have on tap a wide selection of local favorites from Northwoods Sodas! Hand-crafted with real sugar, these sodas have been made in the Grand Traverse area for over 20 years.


Diet Cola

Root Beer

Black Cherry Cream

Orange Cream

Iced Tea

Ginger Beer – Spicy



Ask your server about taking WBC brews home with you.

Crowler: 32oz can filled with your choice of beer/$8+, cider/$12, or wine/$35

Growler: 64oz glass filled with your choice of beer/$15+ or cider/$24

4-Pack: 16oz cans $12+


Tues-Thurs: Noon – 10pm
Fri: Noon-11pm
Sat: Noon-11pm