Please place all drink orders at the bar.

JOURNEYMAN (available year-round) $7/16oz

Tenpenny: Blonde Ale

Thirst-quenching, highly drinkable, and
light-bodied. Malt-forward and gently
bittered with MI Local magnum and crystal
hops. A great intro to craft beer. ABV4.9%

Cold Chisel: Biere Blanche

Aromatic and refreshing Belgian-style
“white beer.” Brewed with a hint of
orange peel, coriander, and Great Lakes
Malting wheat. ABV 6.0%

Shop Light: “Light Beer”

Easy-drinking, sessionable brew. This deceivingly full-of-flavor light beer is one that you’ll want at the beach, on the boat, mowing the lawn, or whenever you’re feeling parched. ABV 4.1%

Ball Peen: ESB

Bronze-hued ale with earthy appeal:
medium body, full malt flavor, and enough
MI Local magnum and willamette hops to
balance. A staff fave. ABV 5.3%

10-pound Sledge: English IPA

English yeast and plentiful hops (MI Local
magnum, centennial, and willamette). This
is old-school IPA. ABV 5.5%

20-Pound Sledge: American IPA

Abundant doses of Amarillo, Citra, and MI
Local hops yield pronounced bitterness
and powerful citric aromas. ABV 7.1%

Pry Bar: Porter (nitro)

Rich and dark with overtones of baker’s
chocolate. Modest gravity and hopping
make it approachable-nitro draft makes
it smooth. ABV 5.1%


Seasonal favorites as well as our brewer’s ever-changing personal tap.



Lever Press: Juicy IPA


 Juicy IPA brewed with Barley, Oats, Wheat and experimental hop HBC-586. Pillowy mouthfeel from Oats and Wheat balance a medium bitterness. Subtle spicy flavors from the HBC-586 hops compliment a citrusy pineapple aroma, which almost hints towards a more exotic cannabis aroma.
4.8ABV $8/16oz




Slater’s Axe: German Pilsner


 Brewed with Idaho grown Pilsner Malt and German Lager yeast. Aroma is dominated by German Tettnanger hops supported by a subtle Pilsner malt essence. Medium bitterness from MI Local Magnum hops helps Slater’s finish dry. 5.1ABV $8/16oz




Slugcutter: English Brown


Brown with a white Lacey head. Robust malt flavor and aroma while not being overly sweet and heavy. Brewed with organic barley and 100% locally grown Magnum and Crystal hops. 5.25 ABV $8/16oz  



NAilgun: Non-Alcoholic Beer


Amber-style NA .03 ABV $8/16oz




 Switchblade #35: German Altbier


A well balanced, medium dry, Red Lager. A white lacey head releases the herbal Alsatian Barbe Rouge hops which lend a unique earthy spice to compliment the bready and nutty malt complexity. 4.9 ABV $7.50/16oz




Switchblade #36: Schwarzbier (German Dark Lager)


 Pours black with a white Lacey head. Aromas of bready malt and faint roast lead to a medium/light body, balanced by locally grown Magnum hops. Made with Organic Pale Malt and roasted wheat. 4.7 ABV $7.50/16oz




Switchblade #37: Barleywine


High gravity red ale made with Sleeping Bear Farms Honey and MI Local Copper hops. Fuller bodied with a crystallized sugar sweetness and an adequate hop balance. Aromas of bready malt and honey compliment  the warmth of this higher gravity beer.
8.8 ABV $8/12oz




Switchblade #38: Dry-Hopped American Pils


Pours a clear straw color with a lacing white head. Aroma is dominated by yakima grown El Dorado, with fruity hints of pineapple and pear. Finishes dry with the crispness of organic barley. 4.9 ABV $7.50/16oz



CIDERS $8/16oz


Dry, crisp


Sweet, cinnamon

WINES $9/6oz

Miterbox: White Blend



Riveter: Red Blend



Studfinder: Sparkling Rose




Lemonade and Tenpenny Blonde Ale $8/16oz

  • We always have on tap a wide selection of local favorites from Northwoods Sodas! Hand-crafted with real sugar, these sodas have been made in the Grand Traverse area for over 20 years. $3


Diet Cola

Root Beer

Black Cherry Cream

Orange Cream

Iced Tea

Ginger Beer – Spicy



  • Kombucha (bottle) $7

  • Hot Tea $3


Ask your server about taking WBC brews home with you.

Crowler: 32oz can filled with your choice of beer/$10-$14, cider/$15, or wine/$36

Growler Fill: 64oz of your choice of beer/$18-$22 or cider/$27 (add $4 for new glass growler)

4-Pack: 16oz cans $14+


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